“The Champions of Street Art Cultivate a

World Renown Collection”

– Paddle 8
Our Heritage

"Few have played as pivotal a role in advancing the conversation about street art."

Few have played as pivotal a role in advancing the conversation about street art in the 21st century as Sara and Marc Schiller. In 2003, they launched the website Wooster Collective, where they began documenting the street art they encountered, first in their own neighborhood in Manhattan, where they live, but soon around the city, and then worldwide. From the first, Wooster Collective was more than just a blog, but a digital salon host, sparking debate about an art form that makes use of a constantly changing cityscape and responds so earnestly to current events. Since the birth of Wooster Collective, the Schillers have curated exhibitions of work by street artists, hosted a TED Talk to dispel misconceptions of the form as simply vandalism, and published Trespass a compendium on street art in recent decades. But they have established themselves as experts in an ever-evolving form, initiating a lively, formal discourse where there once was none.

Our Team

In 2018, Sara Schiller teamed up with Marketing Executive and brother-in-law, Cameron Schiller, to form BOND Art Services, and reinvent the model around how we engage and experience art today. The initial collection offered by BOND is a reflection of artists who question traditions, contemporary artists who tap into the urban environment, and imagery that pops with large, bright works (among them Paul Insect, Shepard Fairey, Faile, and Dave Kinsey).

Our Inspiration

“Every collector gives themselves certain parameters to work with,” Marc says, “and very early on Sara and I decided that we would build our collection around artists we primarily know, and artists who are reacting to the time period in which we live.” When it comes to the actual selection of works to bring into the fold, Sara Schiller says it’s, surprisingly, always a unanimous, gut decision. “Marc and I find that if we go to a gallery show or a studio, we will walk around separately, but when we come back together we will both have our eye on the same piece,” she explains.

Paddle 8
Collector Spotlight: Marc and Sara Schiller
by Rebecca Bates


Sara Schiller


Sara Schiller is a seasoned hospitality executive and entrepreneur. After serving as SVP of Real Estate Marketing & Analysis for Starwood Hotels, Sara co-founded Wooster Collective – an organization dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.

Wooster Collective's mission is to discover and document authentic art experiences via salons, lectures, curating gallery shows. In 2006, Sara along with her husband Marc organized one of the most significant exhibitions of street art ever at an abandoned building in downtown New York. ``11 Spring`` was chosen by the The New York Times as one of the top art exhibitions of the year.

As a global voice for street art Sara has spoken at the Tate Modern, Design Indaba and The New Museum. She is also the founder of MEET, a meeting and event space combining design, technology and world-class service to produce the best meetings in the world. Sara also recently co-founded ``Sloomoo`` an interactive family art entertainment experience in NYC around Slime.

Sara currently sits on the board of advisors to the Brooklyn Museum.

Cameron Schiller


Cameron Schiller is an award-winning marketing executive, having designed campaigns for world-class brands like New Era, Smirnoff, The Economist, American Express OPEN, New Balance and GE, and has worked for agencies like 72andSunny and RSA.

He also has extensive experience building talent led programs, serving recently as the VP of Talent for SoulCycle and the head of Talent & Influencer Marketing for Fiverr.

In addition to working on the marketing of Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop, Cameron currently sits on the Young Leadership Council of the Brooklyn Museum.

He is also a world-traveling skydiver and wingsuit pilot.